Sirius Satellite Radio Commercial – Discover Again

“Discover Again”

SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO -- Featuring actor Marc Borins

“When was the last time you discovered something new? ” this is the caption at the end of this tv spot.A great question? It’s an honor to be in this “Sirius Discover Again” TV commercial with many other talented actors. This ad shows different slices of life experiences.It shows the excitement as they make their new discoveries. It is a montage of different scenarios that people are in. You’ll notice different characters making new discoveries through their life experiences, like a first kiss, a first slow dance and your first sporting event, a man seeing the guitar of his dreams, etc..These experience evoke life long memories”

The music is “A Blueprint” by “Fear of Music,” from the album “We Are Not The Enemy.”

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Nov 19/08
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Check it Out. It is played on TV all across Canada.