Los Tigres Del Norte

Jokes Music Video -- Marc Borins and Los Tigres Del Norte by Marc Borins.

I was at the Staples Center to see the KINGS play the DUCKS and before the game I filmed a music video with my favorite band. They let me play lead guitar.


That’s me Marc Borins in the WAYNE GRETZKY jersey.

The band was very friendly I was sooo excited.

Check out their new album RAICES or other hits like:

  • Detalles y Emociones
  • Historias Que Contar
  • La Banda Carro Rojo
  • La Muerte del Soplon
  • Pacto De Sangre
  • Directo al Corazon
  • Herencia Musical
  • Vivian Lo

Check out more at www.universalmusica.com or www.lostigresdelnorte.com.

Thanks for checkin out my videos. I hope you got a laugh.